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Ford also aided Nazi Germany by manufacturing war materials and held strong anti-Semitic beliefs which he made well known through his weekly newspaper, earning him a place in Mein Kampf. In fact, Hitler idolized Ford so much that he kept a life size portrait of him next to his desk.

So it’s great that Ford paid his workers well and was heralded as one of the few employers actively hiring African Americans, but his book (published under his name), on the other hand, influenced thousands of Nazis, resulting in antisemitism and the deportation of Jews to camps being heralded as a progressive social policy.

Two sides to every coin.

change-of-days asked:

It's a pro because a corporation is willing to basically let go of its mass-moneymaking business for a day for their religious beliefs. I guess that can be positive from an average man's perspective. Too bad their religious views are corrupt because no religion says disallow gay marriages for other people. I just thought the pic was cool so I posted it. I don't side with Chick-Fil-A

I’m having a very difficult time following your incomplete thoughts, but I’ll try my best to fairly make sense of it. First, starting a sentence with “it’s” and not giving me any context for “it’s” makes responding really difficult for me considering I made a good number of points on a good number of pros and cons. Also, “average” is a very relative word, and I feel like it was used as an overarching assumption that all “average” people are religious. I disagree.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like you are saying chick-fil-a was willing to sacrifice making money in their restaurants simply to come out to the public with it’s (already obvious) religious beliefs. Well first, I do believe that the company has most likely made a small fortune just last Wednesday by calling on Americas bigoted populous for support (god knows the bigots love supporting things in the name of Jesus Christ). But regardless of how much money they donate, how philanthropic they profess to be, this will never change the fact that it’s views as a company are homophobic, sexist, and based in hate overall. That is hypocrisy, especially when done in the name of Jesus Christ, the one true son of god and their lord an savior. Again, in reference to my earlier post, not a lot of people are willing to overlook Hitlers misdeeds for his charitable ones, so why allow this to any other person/entity.

As for your third sentence, I have absolutely no clue what you just did there…so I’ll just move on. That’s great that you thought the pic was cool and all, I also think thoughtless incriminating verbal diarrhea is cool, which is why I reblogged it. Also, I’m not trying to make a person attack against you, whether you side with chick-fil-a is your business and your personal choice, I merely have beef with this poorly thought out image. Thanks for the pic.

A few, simple things I thought of within the first 10 seconds of reading:

1) How is being closed on a Sunday a pro? I’m still hungry on Sundays. Humans still eat food on Sundays.

2) The word “value” is relative. If one were to support “family values” one would have to support ALL family values, including mine. My family values include fucking women (as a woman) and never having children. What that line should read is “supports a singular notion of conservative christian family values.”

3) Youth pastors similarly do their part to help and teach children, also, the same youth pastors (Michael Norris, etc.) sometimes rape said children. Cuba gives it people free ice cream, but supports violence against its people. Hitler turned around the German economy though building infrastructure (which is still in use today), was highly concerned with animal welfare, and was a vegetarian. Just because an organization or person has a philanthropic cause, does not erase a history of hate, bigotry, and overall shittyness of that entity.

4) Sure they offer gay people and women employment, but that’s because it’s illegal NOT to. But they do sexually harass female employees, unique to their stance on the “traditional family” by telling women they should be in the home instead of working.

Just something to think about. Keep in mind these points are more in depth than presently discussed, and these points simply represent just a few minutes of intelligent thought.