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A few, simple things I thought of within the first 10 seconds of reading:

1) How is being closed on a Sunday a pro? I’m still hungry on Sundays. Humans still eat food on Sundays.

2) The word “value” is relative. If one were to support “family values” one would have to support ALL family values, including mine. My family values include fucking women (as a woman) and never having children. What that line should read is “supports a singular notion of conservative christian family values.”

3) Youth pastors similarly do their part to help and teach children, also, the same youth pastors (Michael Norris, etc.) sometimes rape said children. Cuba gives it people free ice cream, but supports violence against its people. Hitler turned around the German economy though building infrastructure (which is still in use today), was highly concerned with animal welfare, and was a vegetarian. Just because an organization or person has a philanthropic cause, does not erase a history of hate, bigotry, and overall shittyness of that entity.

4) Sure they offer gay people and women employment, but that’s because it’s illegal NOT to. But they do sexually harass female employees, unique to their stance on the “traditional family” by telling women they should be in the home instead of working.

Just something to think about. Keep in mind these points are more in depth than presently discussed, and these points simply represent just a few minutes of intelligent thought.